Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This year the kids wanted to hunt their own Christmas Tree.  We live really close to the Uintas and a Christmas Tree permit only costs $12.00.  So what the heck, we got all dressed up in our warmest winter clothes and headed off into the mountains for a day of making memories.
We thought that taking Bren's ice-fishing sled would be a fabulous idea for not only hauling the perfect Christmas tree but also for tired little legs.  Little did we know that our Christmas tree was not growing just off to the side of the road on a flat easy to follow path...
Our perfect Christmas Tree was down a big, steep, rocky hill...
Across a semi frozen Bear River...
That we had to shimmy across on a fallen tree....(just kidding Dillon and Bronz are just goofing around but yes we did cross a frozen river.)
Finally Bren spotted the only thing he actually caught in every hunt he has gone on this year (bear, elk, deer, Christmas tree...)

The perfect christmas tree

Tag it and bag it and bring it on home.

Our Christmas Tree 2009
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's December Already!

I can't tell if I am lazy or just can't make good use of the time I have. I have wanted to post these pictures to document Thanksgiving 2009 and to be honest it takes alot of time to put them on this blog. I hope it is worth it Amber since you are the only one who knows that I have a blog anyway. The following are the people who had the best darn thanksgiving adventure ever. Just look at the joy in all of our faces (well except for maybe Dillon) because we love turkey that much!!!!

Climbing around on the tank and Veteran's Park

Bronwyn spinning around and around

This is the final product after slaving over hot stoves and microwaves. We had enough food to feed 12 families but everyone decided to head to Denver so we ate it all ourselves.

Here is my contribution to Win loose or Draw. Brittany guessed it was an evil seamstress but really it is just mom madly sewing aprons of all sized and styles.

Bronzee looking as beautiful as ever.

Those crazy kids!

Brittany cooking her first Thanksgiving turkey and also wearing her beautiful apron for the very first time. Don't worry, she didn't get it dirty because she only wore it for this photo.

This is our game of win loose or draw and here is Jared's version of Hannah Montana.

Lizzy won this round. No one knew what she was drawing.

Here Dillon is drawing what we think is a rabbit. He also drew a dinosaur that was spectacular.