Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This year the kids wanted to hunt their own Christmas Tree.  We live really close to the Uintas and a Christmas Tree permit only costs $12.00.  So what the heck, we got all dressed up in our warmest winter clothes and headed off into the mountains for a day of making memories.
We thought that taking Bren's ice-fishing sled would be a fabulous idea for not only hauling the perfect Christmas tree but also for tired little legs.  Little did we know that our Christmas tree was not growing just off to the side of the road on a flat easy to follow path...
Our perfect Christmas Tree was down a big, steep, rocky hill...
Across a semi frozen Bear River...
That we had to shimmy across on a fallen tree....(just kidding Dillon and Bronz are just goofing around but yes we did cross a frozen river.)
Finally Bren spotted the only thing he actually caught in every hunt he has gone on this year (bear, elk, deer, Christmas tree...)

The perfect christmas tree

Tag it and bag it and bring it on home.

Our Christmas Tree 2009
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Your tree is amazing just like always. You should have let us believe you really did have to shimmy. You should see my christmas balls (not kevins his are yucky) they are really cute